Periodically, people have difficulty accessing our online surveys.  If you are experiencing problems, please read through our listing of frequently asked questions below.
If you are still having issues, please send an e-mail to the address or that was given on your invitation letter.  Please provide as much information as you can, such as the error you are getting and your browser version.  Someone will get back to you promptly. 


1.  I can't find your survey in my search engine (Google, Yahoo!, MSN Search, AOL Search)
You cannot get to the survey through a search engine because our surveys are not listed on search engines. 
You must use your browser to manually navigate to the address you were given.  The method to do this varies from browser to browser, but generally there is a space for you to type in a web address.  This is where you should type in the invitation address you were given.  Below is a screenshot of where you would do this in Internet Explorer.



2.  I am getting a PAGE NOT FOUND error message.
Please ensure you are entering the web address EXACTLY as it is typed on your invitation letter.  Capitalization does not matter.



3.  I am getting a SITE NOT FOUND error message.

It is possible that the Internet connection might have been down temporarily.  Or, the web server the survey is hosted on could have been temporarily down.

Try again in a few minutes, and if you are still having issues, please contact us.


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